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zoxiy: Creating Possible Situations

Here is the exercise. We have to make the sentence `Red(a)` true.
How do we get a red person? We can’t change the colour of people, so we just add an element until we find a red one.
The first one we add is yellow, which is no good.
You can move people around by dragging their heads.
So I’ve made space.
Now I’m going to add another element; hope it’s red.
Good, it is. But I’m not done yet.
It’s telling me that the sentence isn’t true or false, that it can’t be evaluated in this possible situation. What can I do?
I need to give the red element a name by typing here. (I’m going to call it ‘a’).
So now it has a name.
And I’m done with the exercise. But let me just show you a couple of things that might be useful with some of the exercises.
I can delete people that I don’t need like this one.
That was fun.
Let’s erase another person.
Lastly, I have to say I don’t really like this person’s face.
But I can change it by clicking on the eyes, nose and mouth. This is how I make someone happy or sad.
Now the red person is happy.